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We work out of Rome, GA and serve all in the Northwest Georgia area

Our phone are off while we are with clients, please leave a message or book through this website. Texting us is the best way to reach us to get a response. Thank you :)



Thai Yoga Bodywork

An ancient healing system where energy is moved through sen lines by assisting the movement of the client's body in a variety of asanas and through targeted acupressure.

Shiatsu Bodywork

Traditional Japanese healing system where energy is moved through meridians by assisted hands on kneading, stretching, and finger-pressure. 

Ayurvedic Bodywork

Ayurvedic therapy of balancing the body and mind through one of the world's oldest whole body healing systems. Creating a nutrition guide for the client's specific dosha can be part of it.


Whether hand, foot or a combination of the two, reflexology works on specific points to help give all over body relaxation, aid in sleep, and relax the client from the day's stress.


Shy? This is the perfect bodywork for you! See our Spa's booking page for all our offerings.

All bodywork is done on clothed individuals either on a floor mat or a bodywork table and a full health profile is taken before the first session. All work is done by a trained bodywork therapist. 


Where We Are Located:

512 Riverside Parkway, #706, Rome GA    931-452-9065

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